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Engineered Fall Protection Services and Installation

Successfully secure your workers from harmful injuries with fall protection systems provided by ISI Systems, Inc. in Cadiz, Ohio. Our safety strategies help keep your staff from perilous risks within the work environment.

Engineered Fall Protection Systems

Protect your employees from bodily harm by implementing proper safety guidelines. Based on your needs, we offer additional safety equipment, a sufficient fall arrest system, or both. Our team takes a broad approach to developing the right safety system for your company. We work with you to provide a complete protection system for various types of hazardous equipment, such as:

• Catwalks • Crane Tie-offs • Ladder Units • Operator Platforms

Each safety system we design or replicate is tested and certified by meeting OSHA™ and ANSI™ worldwide standards. Our knowledgeable staff is comprised of AWS™ certified welders with a substantial millwright, safety protection, and manufacturer’s background.

Crane Operator - Fall Protection

Equipment Replication

Take comfort in the fact that we have the ability to replicate and improve your company’s equipment to make your workplace safer. We take extreme precautionary measures to ensure your newly designed items do not contain irregular OEM pieces.

For plant renovations, we provide a team of highly qualified carpenters to bring your business up to date. Using the standard safety codes, we inspect and remodel office units and locker rooms. We also supply ADA approved restroom improvements.

Contact us in Cadiz, Ohio, to request our beneficial fall protection systems services.