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Rescue & Fall Training 

Save on costly medical or doctor bills by implementing a new safety training program from ISI Systems, Inc. in Cadiz, Ohio. We teach the fall protection hierarchy of controls so your staff knows the correct procedures for accident prevention.

Rescue & Fall Training Safety Courses

Give your staff the correct tools they need to better protect themselves from bodily harm. A very important part of any fall protection system is training. We give you the tools needed to adapt to a safer work environment. At the end of the course, you and your staff possess the understanding of vital safety issues, including:

  • The Importance of Job Fall Protection
  • Knowledge of Applicable Fall Protection Regulations
  • ANSI™ Z359-2007 Fall Protection Code
  • Fall Protection Hierarchy of Controls:
  • Elimination, Prevention, Arrest, & Administrative
  • ABCs of Fall Protection: Anchorage, Body Support, &
  • Connecting Means
  • Anchorage Points & Point Considerations
  • Full-Body Harness Application & Donning Session
  • Shock-Absorbing Self-Retracting Lanyards Introduction to Specialized Fall Protection Equipment
  • Horizontal & Vertical Lifelines Rigid Rail Systems
  • Ladder Climbing Systems
  • Work Positioning Systems
  • Controlled Descent Devices
  • First-Man-Up™ Devices

Training is a primary part of any fall protection system since no fall protection equipment, regardless of how effective, can save an employee who is not trained in its use. In order to meet this requirement, ISI Systems, Inc. provides the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a safer, more productive work environment.

Our instructors are trained in both industrial and construction applications of fall protection, including confined space entry and rescue equipment. In addition to safety experience, our lead instructors are also trained in the disciplines of education and instructional design. Instructional team members are well-versed in the development and presentation of safety training programs, OSHA regulatory requirements and interpretations, methods for protecting workers from safety and health hazards and the skills necessary to supervise and safely work in elevated environments.

Upon completion of the course, students will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • The importance of fall protection on the job
  • Applicable fall protection regulations and ANSI Z359-2007 Fall Protection Code
  • Fall protection hierarchy of controls: Elimination, Prevention, Arrest, Administrative
  • ABCs of fall protection: Anchorage, Body support, Connecting means
  • Anchorage points and basic anchorage point considerations
  • Full body harnesses (Application/donning session)
  •  Lanyards: Shock absorbing, Self-retracting, 100% tie off/Y lanyards
  •  Introduction to specialized fall protection equipment including Lifelines (Horizonal/Vertical), Rigid Rail Systems, Ladder Climbing Systems, Work Positioning Systems, Controlled Descent Devices, 1st Man Up Devices

In addition to rescue and fall protection training, ISI Systems, Inc., is an industry leader in the following services: