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Certification/Re-Certification of Fall Protection Systems and Equipment

The most important step after completing the installation of any fall arrest system or fall protection equipment, all components are inspected by a certified contractor. Safety certification documents not only ensure a smooth warranty coverage but more important is that your fall protection system and all related personal protection equipment (PPE) meets OSHA regulations. Enhancement to the installed system should include Proper signage and verification that the system’s tested capabilities and operational limits meets the required specifications.

OSHA requires that at minimum, an annual inspection must be performed by a qualified individual. ISI Systems Inc. has the depth of experience to provide certifications/re-certifications of your system. We have provided customers with a complete, turnkey source for fall protection services including certifying the safety training of systems and their components. More important to the process is if during an inspection certification, any component of your fall arrest or fall protection system is determined to be damaged, we are trained to perform the necessary repairs. This usually takes place while the inspection process is taking place. This is critical in that it does not take the system out of service while awaiting repairs.

OSHA Regulations Regarding Re-certification

All parts of the equipment including control systems shall be inspected, and, where necessary, tested by a competent person at intervals specified by the manufacturer/supplier, but not to exceed 12 months, to determine that they are in safe operating condition. This is governed by  OSHA  1910.66(g)(2)(ii)