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Safety and Fall Protection Systems Certification

We are committed to providing businesses in every industry with the highest quality fall safety protection possible. From a fall arrest harness to a durable suspension system, every product we sell meets the highest standards possible in the industry.

While many industries need fall arrest systems and other safety equipment, we provide extensive use of our fabricating expertise to enhance your employee’s safety. We provide a comprehensive approach utilizing catwalks, crane tie-offs, ladder units and operator platforms unique to your safety requirements. Each solution is designed, tested and certified to the most rigorous standards issued by OSHA, ANSI, and standards organizations worldwide. Our focus is on producing systems that protect workers on job sites and keep them safe in potentially dangerous environments. Finding the right safety solution doesn't have to be difficult. Our solution process will help separate your workers from dangerous hazards.

Fall Protection

Safety and Fall Protection Training

Due to our extensive industrial background with safety and safety process we have a breadth of hands on training experiences that will enhance your training process. Recognizing, Managing and Mitigating fall hazards first requires establishing a specific fall protection process that details work processes and existing safety policy and procedures already documented for your company.  The process involves  training staff (and internal trainers) in the proper techniques and use of all fall protection equipment. Following the installation of any fall protection equipment by ISI SYSTEMS or any other servicer we will work with  your staff to develop and implement a hands on direct training during an interactive process to ensure your staff is both comfortable with the systems and competent.

Training sessions include specific, detailed information on the operation of your fall protection system, personal protective equipment, fall arrest devices and all accessory hardware. ISI conducts this fall protection training for users of the system, management, and any future in-house trainers who will become the OSHA-identified “competent person” for your facility. Training is a primary part of any fall protection system since no fall protection equipment, regardless of how effective, can save an employee who is not trained in its use. In order to meet this requirement, ISI Systems, Inc. provides the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve a safer, more productive work environment.

Our instructors are trained in both industrial and construction applications of fall protection, including confined space entry and rescue equipment. In addition to safety experience, our lead instructors are also trained in the disciplines of education and instructional design. Instructional team members are well-versed in the development and presentation of safety training programs, OSHA regulatory requirements and interpretations, methods for protecting workers from safety and health hazards and the skills necessary to supervise and safely work in elevated environments.

Upon completion of the course, students will have a basic understanding of the following:

  • The importance of fall protection on the job
  • Applicable fall protection regulations and ANSI Z359-2007 Fall Protection Code
  • Fall protection hierarchy of controls: Elimination, Prevention, Arrest, Administrative
  • ABCs of fall protection: Anchorage, Body support, Connecting means
  • Anchorage points and basic anchorage point considerations
  • Full body harnesses (Application/donning session)
  • Lanyards: Shock absorbing, Self-retracting, 100% tie off/Y lanyards
  • Introduction to specialized fall protection equipment including Lifelines (Horizontal/Vertical), Rigid Rail Systems, Ladder Climbing Systems, Work Positioning Systems, Controlled Descent Devices, 1st Man Up Devices

We also specialize in developing, writing and implementing Fall Protection Plans, Rescue Plans and Confined Entry plans for your company. Plan development is critical for a successful preventative safety process. Our expertise again is based upon not only our long history of industrial experience but of competent and  professional employees.